Manifesting Newbie

I’m slowly but surely finding my way to more positive thoughts and ways of looking at my life and the world. I was never a very pessimistic person per se, but I am a recovering worrier who spent probably too much time thinking about the worst case scenario, and then letting those thoughts rule my … Continue Reading

Being Bold in Spite of Fear

Fear can have a tremendous hold over us if we let it. I have let it stop me from things like going on dates, cutting my hair and, most importantly, from applying to certain jobs. I’ve been experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety over job searching lately, and the funny part is that I … Continue Reading

On plans, writing and keeping my eyes on my own paper

When I graduated college almost a year and a half ago, I had a plan, at least as far as I could see. I graduated in May and I had a job lined up with the first day scheduled two weeks after I had gotten home to Ohio. My siblings were all home for the … Continue Reading


When I started this blog, it was largely because I felt like I needed a creative outlet where I could write and publish myself, and share my thoughts and writing with other people. I wanted to put something of myself out there and make a mark. At the same time, I also read a lot … Continue Reading