When I started this blog, it was largely because I felt like I needed a creative outlet where I could write and publish myself, and share my thoughts and writing with other people. I wanted to put something of myself out there and make a mark. At the same time, I also read a lot of lifestyle and travel blogs and the idea of being able to monetize my blog, pull in some cash and be an influencer sounded pretty appealing, not to mention cool. So I tried a variety of posts – about products, travel, and cooking, but eventually I stopped writing.

I’ve learned I don’t feel fulfilled when I write about what I think might be a popular post or might help me break into influencer marketing, or become a breakout Instagram star with hundreds of thousands of followers. It’s actually not even really easy for me to write like that, and when I reread those posts, the voice barely sounds like mine.

I talked to my little brother about my blog a while back and I remember telling him that I didn’t just want to write posts about products, I wanted to write essays that were meaningful about topics that are important to me. I want to be honest, true to myself, and come up with content I’m proud of. Don’t get me wrong, I admire lifestyle bloggers and love reading their work, but that’s not me. I don’t feel like I have a clearly defined “lifestyle” that’s worth writing about, and if I don’t find my writing interesting, chances are no one else does either.

This is my fresh start. I want to give myself a chance to explore a different kind of writing. I still want to write about travel, style, and the books I’m reading because those are things I genuinely enjoy, but I’m determined to do it in a way that more closely mirrors the way I think, speak, and write when no one else is reading it, instead of the way I wrote for an audience in the past. I hope that makes sense.

Basically this should be more like a public diary than something I’m trying to sell to readers.

I’m also learning some things I want to share on here, like photography. I’ve liked taking photos for a long time, and I always found film cameras especially intriguing. I recently bought a Pentax 35mm Spotmatic from a shop on Etsy. Though it took me several tries and YouTube videos to finally learn to load the film correctly, I just got back my first batch of photos from the developer I sent them to. I’m pretty proud of my first attempt, and I’m excited to take more pictures when I head to New Orleans with a couple college buddies next weekend.

Stay tuned!

Honestly yours,





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