We listened to “Sedona” by Houndmouth at least three times while driving through the never-ending, dreamlike landscapes of Sedona. It’s really one of those breathtaking moments to see the huge red rock structures dominating the land. It makes you feel small and insignificant, but mostly I think it renews my appreciation for the beauty of nature.


I didn’t take photos or notes of the places where we ate in Sedona, although if you’re there, I highly recommend the Enchantment Resort for happy hour and a place to watch the sunset. If you go out onto the patio of the restaurant, you can sit and eat among lanterns, see the rock wall in front of you change color as the sun starts to set, and watch down into the valley. Order the nachos, prickly pear margheritas (a very instagrammable drink), sliders, and guacamole.

Though I didn’t do a great job of recording specific places this time, I thought I’d at least share some pictures.




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