I haven’t written in a while because I think there’s a part of me that’s a little bit of a perfectionist. I want each post to have a perfect photo to text ratio, perfectly edited images from my DSLR instead of my iPhone, and an engaging topic. But, that’s just not the reality. And you know what everyone says to you while you’re growing up about not comparing yourself to other people? I’m kind of figuring out that also goes for the blogging world. There are so many bloggers I admire for their high-quality pictures and amazing OOTD posts. I envy their adventures to other countries and cities with sponsored hotel stays and meals at incredible restaurants. I want to be a successful blogger. I would love to work only for myself, to be able to work from home, or to travel and write about those experiences. I mean, who wouldn’t love that?! But I think what’s important for me right now is realizing that all the bloggers I look up to started off in a similar spot to where I am right now, and nobody has a perfect blog post every single time.

The reality I’m living is a lot less glamorous than most of the blogs I admire. Let’s face it, student loan payments and living at home after graduation are far from chic. But I think that gives me a different niche from some of the other blogs I read. Not that I don’t dream about weekend trips to Paris, an apartment in SoHo, or sponsored gifts from Chanel (#goals), but who said you can’t have fun on a budget?

Even though I haven’t been able to take any international trips since I came back from my junior year abroad in Italy in high school (almost six years ago!!!), I have a couple trips within the U.S. planned. In about two weeks I’ll be heading to Arizona to meet up with some family, and in April I’m heading out to Oregon with my mom to visit my little brother at school, so look out for a post for each of those!

Last weekend I was in Minneapolis for a little birthday trip to visit a friend from my school year abroad program. I didn’t take my camera, just my phone, and I was fully intending on taking some pictures for a post but it just didn’t happen. I was kicking myself when I got back, but now that I think about it, it was really nice to go the whole weekend without trying to take pictures of everything, and just enjoy spending time with my friend. We hadn’t seen each other in over five years, so we had plenty to catch up on. We went to a couple art museums, ate a lot, talked a ton and watched too much Netflix and it was a perfect, relaxing birthday weekend.

My (belated) birthday gift to myself and this blog is to start posting regularly, so keep coming back! Please?


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